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0 The Barn N-ooz – April 2017

The last Barn news for now, unless someone else would like to take it on. With social media and the rate at which news travels via emails etc, I feel this form of information has had its day and I seem to be wasting my time. If you have news, I will put it on the web site. Neil

Model railway enthusiasts and volunteers are being sought for an ambitious plan to lay a model railway track along Scotland's Great Glen. The bid, to be filmed for a TV show, involves laying 74 miles (119km) of track from Fort William to Inverness.
Love Productions, the programme makers, hope the "slightly bonkers" undertaking will be as popular as its Great British Bake Off. Engineers and construction workers have also been sought for the project. Construction is planned for two weeks over the summer and is to be filmed for Channel 4. The working title for the show is The Biggest Little Railway in the World. Producer of the project, Charlotte Armstrong, told BBC Radio Scotland's Out of Doors programme the new show would celebrate British enthusiasm for model railways.
She said: "It's massively ambitious. We want to bring together Britain's model railway enthusiasts and all the different skills they have, but also local volunteers, engineers and people with construction experience."

Model Rail 2017 Report – Due to a minor accident, Bill was unable to take his car, so the unlucky Dusty had to travel in my car. Alas, Bill was unable to make the journey due to suspected food poisoning, but said if he felt better he would come down by train the next day. Ian had arranged originally to pick up the van 10am, but changed times to a little earlier to9.30, but the message had got lost in Arnold Clarks, how strange, no harm done. We met at the barn and loaded the van; Molasses had been prepared for the move he night before, so not a great deal to do. Due to the weather forecast and snow, we decided to go via Aberdeen, just in case the A9 got blocked as it did one year previously, which meant we had to come back on ourselves and go via Aberdeen. But according to reports later the A9 was clear all the way, better safe than sorry. We stopped en-route at Castle Brechin Garden Centre for lunch and after a short stopped continued on our way without incident to Glasgow. Now we can all miss our turnings and exits on new roads and routes, but Ian missed the turning of the motorway, or should I say took an early turn off. His excuse has something to do with a lorry, indicators are a great invention. So dutifully I followed in to the depths of Glasgow, after some dubious turning we turned on the Sat Nav for the SECC and low and behold we arrived about 20 minutes before Ian and Gordon, who had taken a trip to Annies Land. Surprise we arrived in the daylight and met Gary and soon after arriving we were in the hall to unload the van. Layout was soon up and tested, but one of the main features of Molasses was not working, the mine wagon unloading mechanism failed to operate, connections checked, relays swapped but sill no action, and that’s how it stayed all through the show until Sunday when the speed control started to smoke and was promptly removed with a few snips. Bill arrived on Saturday, still slightly ill and somewhat pale, a good effort, the man power problem due to Bill’s poor health was relieved when the cavalry showed up in the form of Vicar John & Karen. The rest of the show went without real incidents, we did our stewarding duties and managed to keep the layout running, but the locos started to fail one by one until on Sunday we were left with 3 or 4 working locos, the show must go on. Sunday end of show Molasses soon packed up and loaded and again, I think another first, we left in the daylight. Uneventful trip home, arrived at the barn unloaded and went home.


Forres station and Inverness to Aberdeen line – if you want an up-date of the work first hand at Forres, you can visit the BAM site office on the 1st Thursday in the month between 2pm and 7pm for an up-date. I went to the office in October and got an update, which put some of the other items reported in previous newsletter in the trash bin. Stacy, the point of contact, said there was no plans to reopen Burghead line for freight, Dalcross station still waiting for funding, but plans in place, same for Kintore station. These are not in the 5-year plan, but update of Elgin yard could be. On the positive side Forres station will be completed by Oct 2017, the line will close for 10 days so final links can be made, roads, paths and track along with 5 weekend closures.


Took this photo while passing on motorbike.
See photo 1 below


You can see the new line approaching the old rail bridge buttress.
See photo 2 below

GNOS Report – Another show under our belt, but sadly not one of the best due to the lack of visitor numbers. This could possibly put down to a few reasons, the good weather, the first weekend of sun and blue skies, it was also Mothering Sunday and maybe insufficient advertising. The traders reported poor sales, with some it seems; not covering their costs and that is bad. Reports from the public that did attend seemed very favourable and enjoyed the show, which is good for all those who took part and the effort they put in. As for Molasses Junction it worked well over the weekend and the mine unloading fascinated the children and most of the adults who saw it work, thanks once again to the magic of Dave. If anyone took photos this weekend can you email me a couple as the cheap camera I bought off Ebay failed.

Quiz - In the absence of news, you might want to circulate this picture as a photo competition – Where is this ex-platelayer’s hut and why does it have a (working) solar panel on it? Answer to Colin on the back of a £5 note. Colin Anderson. see photo 3 below


Ferryhill Turntable Restoration

Vandalised in February 1000 of pounds worth of damage.

Inverness Airport – Funds have been put in place for a single platform to be built at Inverness airport, contract not awarded yet.

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That’s All Folks

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Forres station Inv line work Forres station Inv line work, double track

The quiz photo shed

Work continues on old Grantown East station


The quiz photo shed (above) is located on the old Forres Grantown line, a couple of miles north of Dava station.

Grid ref - NJ 021413 ish

Grantwn East station now has 2 coaches CA quiz- where is this standard Cowan & Sheldon rail mounted steam crane standard gauge   CA -I was looking round the inside of Rannoch Signal Box, when round the corner came the Royal Scotsman!

For Model Rail pics see Gallery - Exhibitions & Group Layouts