Miscellaneous related railway photographs and photographs of some interest

Commemorative Plaque at
Dyce station
Commemorative Plaque at
Nairn Station
Commemorative Plaque at
Portlethan station
Plaque at Dingwall Station

On a recent photo trip to photograph some of the old stations, I came across these saddles still in use in Tomatin sidings
This is the 1st saddle I spotted
a broken HR, which I thought
was sad, a little bit of history
passing away, but then a look
round showed saddles from all ages
from HR, LMS, BR & pigs tails.
This LMS sadlle is dated 1942,
the oldest was 1914, WW1?

On another run out on the bike to snap some more stations, I came across these murals at Invergordon, worth the visit to see.
The front view of Invergordon
station gives no hint of what is inside
some great painted murals
to commemorate
the "Long Goodbye"
of the 4th Seaforths 1939 to 1945
painted by Tracey Shough in

well worth a visit as all murals are
not shown here
from station staff to pow and it
has the man himself
Sir Winston Churchill strutting
about. The other strange thing
about this station, no footbridge
from platform 1 to 2. Why?

Moy Viaduct the only timber
bridge on a Scottish main line
Moy Viaduct plaque
words click here
HR date plaque at Dingwall stn

An original stn light outside
Nairn museum