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Well parntners, heres a few snap from my trip to the US of A
which took in an old saddle tank in steam at the California Railroad
of Steam Museum in old Scacramento
and few snaps from Steamtown in Jamestown California

1265 Sierra Railway, 500hp shunter/Switch engine 1265 on a run round   No19 a Hetch Hetch dam construction emergency vehicle  

A spare Shay loco, witch is used for spares Ex US Navy dockyard
shunter/ switch engine
A tressal bridge still in use by Am Track No8 Supervisors transport,
based on the Ford model T

Lima Shay, the oldest Shay loco at Redding the side pistons of the Shay note the off set boiler to counter
the side pistons
Loco 28 a 4-8-2  

Loco 28 side view Loco No 3, the star of many a silver screen western movies   Mini Express in sidings at Oak Dale  

Ex Philidelphia tram car
San Francsico
Trolley car, which Dusty had a ride on in San Francsico This is a pic from inside the BART, Bay Area Rapid Transport Inside the BART coach  

Still on a USA theme, a friend of mine, yes I have one, snapped this North Southern loco while on holiday in the states Madarail the 1 mtr gauge freight line from Antananarivo to Toamanisina, Madagascars main port. pic DM  

Some pics by Bernie at the NRM
Duchess of Hamilton
Coronation class in the Great hall
65243 Maude 0-6-0
on the turntable Great hall
sectioned fron tender ..  
to ... to .... to ..... smoke box.  

Going on holiday in Englandshire, to visit some Yorkshire preservation railways. It started with a visit to Durham after seeing Michael Portillos railway journey. For years I had travelled by train going south and passing Durham and alway wanted to visit the cathedral, so took the opportunity this year (2011) to do a bit of a tour, starting at Durham, then to Beamish, Wensleydale, North Yorkshire Moors & the National Railway museum. Each venue worth a visit at least once or more.
The photos that follow are from this holiday. Even the wife enjoyed the trip.
Starting at Beamish, this is the view as you cross the bridge to visit stn the inside of the signal box Looking across to the wagon works
a collection of vintage wagons
Driver & station Master chat before
LNER 985 0-6-0 departs

Next stop Wensleydale Railway & 03144 stabled in the yard 5643 0-6-2 on run round after completing trip to Redmire 47715 Poseidon stand at the station looking in great shape 55019 Royal Highland Fusilier stabled in the yard  

The North Yorkshire Moors Rly Southern 825 on run round 44767 GEORGE STEPHENSON
on special duties for the day
45428 ERIC TREACY waiting departure to Pickering COCK OF THE NORTH 92214
on run round at Pickering station

The engine sheds & workshops at Grosmont are well worth a visit with a wide range of stock in for restoration & repairs from all parts of the country including industrial and preservation stock  

31128 CHARYBDIS departs Grosmont for Pickering 37264 (with white Scottie) heading across the moors for Grosmont 73136 PERSEVERANCE at Pickering station D5061 departs for Pickering. Grosmont, just like olden days  

D5061 and token change at
DMU E50204 awaits departure at Pickering station Refurbished guards van behind
shunter 08850
As for thr National Railway Museum, York, just a couple of  

snaps, because there is too much
to see
too much to take in and a few pics don't say enough if you haven't been go, put it on your bucket list.  

On a recent trip to visit family
my brother took me up to
the Peak Forrest area see what was once the Midland main line to Manchester Central
and now it's a sidings for
the lime industries and a
loco stabling point.

A A day out with brother to Doncaster, living in the north Scotland you forget the mix of traffic through a main line station and the variety of liveries, not like Inverness. 66019 on station duties.  

A late afternoon trip saw
92019 and
Colas loco 66486 passing thro Warrington
and my first view of a class
70, with 70006.
Virgins Walter Raleigh  

Some pics from Dusty's holidays and the NYMR, not so far afield this year 2012.  
token exchange and 45407 is on its way 75029 arrives from Whitby and a photo opportunity  
nice shot of 92214 and its
name plate
  70000 Britannia arrives in
Something you could do, but
not now on modern stock
An old track bed leading
down the dale
Inside a token exchanger Signal box at Coathland And some old 5 plank wagons
for cafe seating

Some photos from my holiday in France, Holland & Germany June 2012. Neil  
The holiday came about via an
invitation by John W to go to
France, so drove down to
Portsmouth to get Caen ferry.
So with a few hours to kill
before sail time took Cath to
local station at Fretton. If only the line was as busy in Elgin.  

After doing all the usual sight-
seeing managed to get John W
to take me to Bayeux station. A
very interesting hour and these
strange 2 tier passenger trains,
especially the local service.
It seems all trains are either
going to or from Paris.

Looking around, it seems all railways are in decline frieght wise, as the siding are over grown and the industry they served are long gone. But on the up side it was busy with passengers coming and going, and no real empty trains.  

John W took us to see a model
railway build by a father and
now run by his son, in Clecy. First glance its impressive, but lacks that something. One draw back was the viewing time, very limited, less tham 30 mins.
Not good.

On the positive side, there are
a few good ideas, from fair
grounds, harbours and a couple
of castles and airfield. A good
selection of locos running, but
no steamers despite the loco
shed. There is also a display of variety of static locos.  

On to the Nerthlands and the Purmerend to Medemblik preserved railway. Its what is called a Tram Weg and has a selection of small Steam (stoom) locos and diesels and a variety of rolling stock. The run takes 1hr 15mins.  

The none auto-matic crossings are controlled by a man with a red flag. None of the locos are main line, mainly ex works. The shed which is open, has the first Dutch diesel, a shunter and still runs. Visit to the signal box are also welcome.  

Iinto Germany to visit the Miniatur Wunderland, Hamburg a must see for railway modellers, see links page. Hamburg station, very busy, this loco on one end and this on the other, 2 tier passenger. Note sign in English as well.  

My belief in angels was reborn when this group appeared. That's Cath in the middle next to red bride to be. Back to earth. Hamburg would be a spotters paradise, so much variety. This loco above seen coming back with coal train.  

On the way to Hamburg, we picked up a leaflet at a service station with a steamer on the front " Museumspoorlijn Star" got to visit this on way back and we did. The railway was closed, but a volunteer said we could have a look round.  

Outside one loco awaiting restoration, in the shed 3 more locos. The star being S.T.A.R. A German loco taken to Russia which ended up in Stadskanaal railway museum. Just one of the other locos in the shed being worked on.  

To finish this tour its back to Holland & Purmerend mainline station for good selection of electric locos. I'm sorry there is no info on the railways photographed, but if you are interested, you will find it on the Web somewhere. Neil  

Some pics from Ian's holiday some years ago. See it pays to keep old photographs  

Dusty's pics from his "Trip to Bavaria" this year (2013), winter, Germany, what can you expect, oh! snow.  
Well I guess we know where you went.   Deutsches Bahn (German Railway) electric power unit at rear of Innsbruck to Munich service. DB Innsbruck to Munich service
at Innsbruck Hbf

OBB (Austrian Railways) electric locomotive used on Innsbruck to Bolzano service WWhat a good idea, a childrens' play area on a train. Driving cab of DB service from Innsbruck to Munich Local trains awaiting passengers
at Innsbruck