Moray model railway group

Stations and structures from around the UK and maybe further a field ...

Starting with our home station
Forres in Moray
The approach to station
from A96
The only remaining in use
platform, disused to right.
The remaining platform edge of
the line to Grantown.

The old Central station building
in Manchester
Main entrance to Brechin
Brechin station front
Brechin station impressive
side buildings

Moving east from Forres, the next station is Elgin Nothing of the original station
buildings remain.
View looking east from footbridge
the roof cone marks old GNSR stn
The view looking west from footbridge.

Alford, a end of line station,
this is not the original building
but some original features remain,
like the platform
and the site of the old turntable
now a flower bed.
Another change, its narrow gauge
and worth a visit to museum.

Moving west from Forres the
next stop is Nairn
View from footbridge looking
east, note signal box (L)
View from footbridge looking
west, note signal box (R)
A known fact, that stn staff cycled between boxes to change points
The building has changed very little
it has a booking office, cafe &
flower shop. It has many original
features, dated wall stone,
an assortment of finials, as above
thistle, a 3 feathers finial
a rose finial, as above and a star.
The meaning of these maybe lost?

A slide copied of the Britannia
bridge, with old section on left.
A chance to photograph the Findhorn bridge just outside Forres. Major flood aleviation
work is being carried out
& all the foilage has been removed.
Poked camera over parapet.

While waiting for GB VI took a few snaps of Aviemore station. First thing you note is the station sign made of wood. Views looking north & south, but still has its old world charm even at the front which is now mainly offices and a cafe.

Dalwhinnie a station in the middle
of the highlands. The station
building, now just a waiting room mainly used by hillwalkers. The view looking north. The view looking south

The signal box reminds me of a
model one.
The remains of the water tank
base, a reminder of days gone.
A crumbling end shunt, which hasn't seen action in some time and the tallest ground signal I've
seen todate, that's Dalwhinnie.

The first station south of
Inverness still in use.
Traditional station building The view looking north The view looking south

LHS old signal box, RHS a
siding somewhat overgrown
Although the siding is overgrown,
the buffers are clear.
It's also an award winning station and cared for by the local

Back on the Inverness Aberdeen
line at Huntly
The modern station building The view from footbridge
looking west
View from footbridge looking east, base of old water tank visable..
Something do remain from the old days, goods shed the sidings, still with rails beneath the overgrow in places. These last 2 photos taken in 2010, you can't see any of this now its just totally overgrown with
weeds and young silver birch.

Conon bridge station or platform
The view looking north with part of the old platform on the LHS A new shelter on the platform, gone are any trace of old stn buildings. The vew looking south and the rest of the old platform on the RHS

Heading south a stop at Dunkeld & Birnam stn The stn a highland one, the main door once faced the town The signal box situtated, south on platform 2 A view of stn & footbridge

View from footbridge looking north View looking south from the end platform 1 One of the old lamp mounts on footbridge the from highlights the LMS on the chair in the yard.

On a recent motorcycle ride out, we called in at Helmsdale station. Not a lot has changed since my last visit. The station building is now a rentable holiday home, nice for a get away. The view south from footbridge.

The view north on a very misty day A couple of buggies in the yard Maybe the end of the line for this one. A nice display of flowers in this barrel train.

While travelling to Dundee MRC exhibition we had to change from car to train, so took a few photos at Dundee station while waiting for a lift to DISC, didn't have time to investigate properly, maybe next time.

Rogart station on the Inverness to Wick line The old station building now a house The line looking south The line looking north
Rogart station has some extras next to it. A railway holiday themed place to stay An old signal box Vintage caravan
Holiday accommodation coaches For more info try this ... Even a green phone box from where? Any idea what this bit of railway kit is or for?